A team that flies together,
nests together.

The Mother Nest

Our team is the secret to our success, each member incredible in their own right. Together, they are what make Nestory Park an innovative and vibrant enterprise - a company with an exciting future.

The Nest team is a tight-knit group of likeminded individuals that share a vison for revitalizing and rejuvenating developments to their fullest potential. Bringing spaces b ck to l fe.

Photo : Yvan Suarez

Yvan Suarez

Principal - Project Management

Yvan has 20+ years managing construction projects including corporate campuses, logistics centers, and data centers, ranging in size from $100 million to $4 billion.

Photo : David Flaherty

David Flaherty

Founder & Managing Director

David has bought, developed and sold commercial real-estate for 30+ years. His role of CEO of Brand Force affords unique insights into retail and consumer engagement.

Photo : Doug Litwin

Doug Litwin

Principal - Marketing & Commuinications

Doug is a strategic marketer with 40+ years of experience and has launched complex Go-To-Market campaigns across multiple industries.

Photo : Virginia Dolen

Virginia Dolen

Community Partnerships

Virginia drives start up operations for companies that have major impact and has supported the launch of some doubling and tripling in size.

Photo : Kipp Kjeldgaard

Kipp Kjeldgaard

Principal - Capital Strategies & Partnerships

For 20+ years, Kipp has successfully raised assets for real-estate and diversified asset managers while also developing multiple residential projects in San Francisco.

Photo : Mark Lawson Bell

Mark Lawson Bell

Brand Creative

Mark is an award winning Creative Director. He has created brand voices for over 20+ years. Notable clients include ABSOLUT vodka and Sketch in London.


Jeff Clarke

Former CEO, Eastman Kodak

John McAteer

VP, Google US Sales, Retail & Technology

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