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Welcome to Nestory Park, a real estate investment company.
We are spirited and innovative, marrying pragmatic knowledge with gut instinct.
We combine our experience of real estate and retail to acquire, develop,
nurture and manage real estate throughout the United States.
Our offices are in Mill Valley, California.


Nestory Park converts under-performing assets in prime locations, creating value for tenants, communities and increasing value for investors and owners.


Our strategy breathes life into communities through a balanced use of space, incorporating services that people need.


We have a thing, it’s called ‘Pin-Drop’. We utilize local consumer data, proprietary analysis and geography to pin point the right sites to develop.


With 150 years of experience between them, we have people who are expert at production and planning or brilliant with community engagement. Nestory Park team finds the clearest path to acquire and expeditiously redevelop. Right time, right place.


We don’t green wash, we are committed to sustainability and reducing carbon footprint through waste and energy reduction and our sites proximity to major transport hubs and routes.

We Also Love to Collaborate.

We apply our passion to help property owners achieve their objectives and realize positive outcomes from their sites.

Talk to us, let’s see how we can help you.

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